CircuitWorks Specialty Lubricants

CircuitWorks® Specialty Lubricants

CircuitWorks® brand’s comprehensive line of conveniently packaged and precision dispensing rework and repair products makes circuit board repair and prototyping faster, easier and more accurate. Advanced-formula materials packaged in unique delivery systems ensure superior performance and pinpoint accuracy. The full range of products meets all of the technicians needs for electronics rework and prototyping — repairing, cleaning, protecting, lubricating, bonding, and restoring electrical conductivity to circuit boards and components.

CircuitWorks® Products are compliant with IPC-7711 Rework of Electronic Assemblies, and ANSI/J-STD-001.

All CircuitWorks® branded products are available on folded blister cards complete with multi-lingual instructions and regulatory information.

  • CircuitWorks Gold Guard Pen - product information >
    • CircuitWorks Gold Guard PenCircuitWorks Gold Guard Pen
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      CircuitWorks® Gold Guard™ Pen is engineered to clean, lubricate and protect gold, silver, platinum and other precious metal contacts. It is a high performance contact cleaner and lubricant dispensed by a convenient marker pen delivery system. The Gold Guard™ lubricant offers protection from oxidation and corrosion while improving contact and conductivity.
Part No. Size
49-CW7400 8.5 g (.03 oz.) pen, blister carded

  • CircuitWorks Silver Conductive Grease - product information >
    • CircuitWorks Silver Conductive GreaseCircuitWorks Silver Conductive Grease
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      CircuitWorks® Silver Conductive Grease provides maximum electrical and thermal conductivity, proven lubrication properties, and protection from moisture, oxidation, and other environmental hazards. This system utilizes an advanced silicone lubricant that is compatible with metal, rubber, and plastic.
      Use it to fill connector gaps, provide grounding for circuits, and control static discharge.
Part No. Size
49-CW7100 6.5 g (0.23 oz.) syringe, blister carded

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