Fiber Optic Wipes

Fiber Optic Wipes

The extra-strength plastic safe universal cleaner with a moderate evaporation time.

  • Electro-Wash MX Presaturated Wipe - product information >
    • Electro-Wash MX Presaturated WipeElectro-Wash MX Presaturated Wipe
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      Electro-Wash® MX Cleaner Degreaser is a high flash point cleaner that quickly removes soils, adhesives, and residues from insulation jackets and conductors on telecom, fiber optic and coaxial cables. Engineered with very low surface tension, this formulation penetrates and removes soils quickly with excellent wetting action, lifting and removing soils from the dirtiest areas. Electro-Wash® MX Cleaner Degreaser is also ideal for removing carbonization, oxidized oils and greases from metal surfaces.
Part No. Size
49-CP421 25 presaturated wipes per box, 8" (20.3 cm) X 10" (25.4 cm) per wipe, 9 ml of solvent each wipe

  • SQR Compact Fiber Optic Cleaning System - product information >
    • SQR Compact Fiber Optic Cleaning SystemSQR Compact Fiber Optic Cleaning System
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      SqR™ is the precision wipe system employing a patented process for cleaning fiber optic end-faces. It is a self-contained cleaning tool that can be used in the wet-to-dry combination cleaning process CCp™. The SqR™ is portable, convenient and economical for use in field or in tools kits.
Part No. Size
49-SQR 10 bonded wipes per pad 4" x4" (10.2 cm x 10.2 cm)

  • FSW Fusion Splice Wipe - product information >
    • FSP100DRYFSP100DRY
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      • Supplied dry for safe travel and easy transportation
      • Wipes can be used dry and wetted individually, or the tub and perforated roll of wipes can be saturated on-site with the preferred cleaning solvent
      • Unique, apertured surface cleans gel, color layer, cladding residues
      • Wipes are non-scratching, non-linting, soft and absorbent
      • Wipes feature aperture pockets to collect gritty, scratch-inducing particles
      • Clean perforations do not generate long, loose strings and fibrous tails when torn from the tub opening
      • Compact size ideal for tool kits, cleaning kits, congested work benches and tight work spaces
Part No. Size
49-FSP100DRY 100 wipes per mini-tub, 3” x 3” (7.6 cm x 7.6 cm)

  • Econowipes - Fiber Optics - product information >
    • Econowipes - Fiber OpticsEconowipes - Fiber Optics
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      Coventry Econowipes™ are made from a hydro-entangled, 45/55 cellulose/polyester blend, for optimum purity in a nonwoven wipe. These wipes have excellent absorbency, and contamination entrapment, as well as high strength. Econowipes™ are ideal as an economical utility wipe for any clean area.
Part No. Size
49-6704F 100 wipes per bag, 4" x4" (10.2 cm x 10.2 cm)

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