NTE Announces the Arrival of the
9th Edition Technical Guide & Cross Reference

Now Available !

9th Edition Technical Guide & Cross Reference NTE is pleased to present the 9th edition of it's Semiconductor Technical Guide and Cross Reference. This Technical Guide and Cross Reference is designed to give engineers, technicians, and buyers assistance in selecting the NTE component best suited for their specific application or circuit. If you have a device of which you know the part number you may simply turn to the cross reference section to locate an appropriate NTE replacement. If the device number is unknown or not found you may also use the "Product Alphbetical Index" to locate the product line that best suits it's use. In all cases the technical specifications should be consulted to assure the proper replacement has been identified.
Included are Hundreds of new NTE Devices and Thousands of New Cross References
  • 6 New High Speed IGBT Transistors
  • 4 New Heatsinks for Plastic Power Devices
  • 3 New Surface Mount Diodes
  • More High Speed Switching Transistors
  • New 25 Amp DO4 Rectifier Series
  • New 1200V DO4 Rectifiers
  • New 1200V DO5 Rectifiers
  • 6 New 3-Phase Bridge Rectifier Modules from 30 - 100 Amps
  • 5 New Rectifier Modules up to 1600 Volts
  • 2 New Ultra Fast Recovery Dual Diodes in TO247 Package
  • New SMT Selector Guide
  • And Much More !

To order you copy, contact your local NTE distributor or call:   800-683-6837 · 973-748-5089 for information.

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