Kester Solder Products

Kester Pocket Paks® from NTE Electronics, Inc.

Kester Pocket Paks® Exclusively From NTE Electronics, Inc.
The Kester Pocket Paks® that were discontinued a few years ago are back in the NTE line. Exclusive to NTE, and available only through NTE Distributors, these revised packs are being packaged by NTE using original Kester solder and tubes.

NTE has also just added a new Pocket Pak®. The 83-6337-0027 joins our other extremely popular Pocket Paks®. They are the perfect choice when a standard 1lb. spool is simply too much.

Kester Solder Products, Pocket Paks®
Description Kester Part No. Net Wt Ea.
SN60 / PB40 Kwik-Draw®, 0.050 dia. 83-3000-0000 1.3 oz.
SN60 / PB40 Pocket Pak®, 0.031 dia. 83-4000-0000 0.5 oz.
SN63 / PB37 Pocket Pak®, 0.031 dia.  NEW! 83-6337-0027 0.5 oz.
SN96.5 / AG03 / CU.5 Lead-Free Pocket Pak®, 0.031 dia.   83-7068-1402 0.43 oz.
SN62 / PB36 / AG02 Elec. Silver Solder Pocket Pak®, 0.020 dia. 83-7145-0415 0.35 oz.

Lead Free Solder Defined:
On July 1, 2006 the European Union Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE) and Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS) came into effect prohibiting the intentional addition of lead to most consumer electronics produced in the EU. California recently adopted a RoHS law and China has a version as well. Manufacturers in the U.S. may receive tax benefits by reducing the use of lead-based solder.
Lead-free solders in commercial use may contain tin, copper, silver, bismuth, indium, zinc, antimony, and traces of other metals, including lead itself.
The maximum permitted concentrations are 0.1% or 1000 ppm by weight of homogeneous material.