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Hybrid Modules

NTE No. Description Terminal Positions Schematic Diagram
(Note 1)
5700 Single Phase, Hybrid Bridge,
Common Cathode,
Freewheeling Diode
NTE5700 terminal position image NTE5700 schematic diagram image
5701 Single Phase, Hybrid Bridge,
Common Cathode,
Freewheeling Diode
NTE5701 terminal position image NTE5701 schematic diagram image
5702 Single Phase, All SCR Bridge NTE5702 terminal position image NTE5702 schematic diagram image
5703 SCR AC Switch NTE5703 terminal position image NTE5703 schematic diagram image
5704 Hybrid Doubler NTE5704 terminal position image NTE5704 schematic diagram image
5705 SCR Doubler NTE5705 terminal position image NTE5705 schematic diagram image
Symbol Rating Unit
VDRM 1200 V
IT(AV) * * 1.25 A
IT(RMS) * * 28 A
ITSM(1 Cycle) 375 A
PGT(Max) 8 W
IGT(Max) 60 mA
VGT(Max) 2 V
VISO 2500 V
VF(Max) 1.35 V
IO * * * 25 A
I2T 580 A2sec
IHold 100 mA
dv/dt 200 V/µsec
Terminl Torque 5 Nm
* * Per SCR or Rectifier
* * * This Rating Applies to NTE5700, NTE5701, and NTE5702 ONLY.
NOTE 1: For transient protection, a Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV) may be connected externally across terminals AC1 & AC2.