Silicon Schottky Barrier Rectifier


The NTE6094 is a Schottky barrier Rectifier in a DO5 type package designed for use as a rectifier in low-voltage, High-frequency inverters, freewheeling diodes, and polarity-protection diodes.


Absolute Maximum Ratings:
Peak Repetitive Reverse Voltage, VRRM 45V
Working Peak Reverse Voltage, VRWM 45V
DC Blocking Voltage, VR 45V
Peak Repetitive Forward Current (VR = 45V, TC = +90°C, Square Wave, 20kHz), IFRM 120A
Non-Repetitive Peak Surge Current, IFSM
            (Surge Applied at Rated Load Conditions, Halfwave, Single Phase, 60Hz)
Peak Repetitive Reverse Surge Current (Note 1, 2.0µs, 1kHz), IRRM 2A
Voltage Rate of Change (VR = 45V), dv/dt 700V/µs
Operating Junction Temperature Range (RTeverse Voltage Applied), TJ -65° to +150°C
Storage Temperature Range, Tstg -65° to +165°C
Maximum Thermal Resistance, Junction-to-Case, RthJC 1.0°C/W

Note 1.Pulse Test:  Pulse Width = 300µs, Duty Cycle = 2%.

Electrical Characteristics: (TC = +25°C unless otherwise specified)
Parameter Symbol Test Conditions Min Typ Max Unit
Maximum Instantaneous Forward Voltage vF iF = 60A, Note 1 - - 0.70 V
iF = 60A, TC = +125°C, Note 1 - - 0.60 V
iF = 120A, TC = +125°C, Note 1 - - 0.84 V
Maximum Instantaneous Reverse Current iR VR = 45V, TC = +25°C, Note 1 - - 50 mA
VR = 45V, TC = +125°C, Note 1 - - 200 mA
DC Reverse Current IR VR = 45V, TC = +115°C - - 250 mA
Maximum Capacitance Ct VR = 5V, 100kHz </= f </= 1MHz - - 4000 pF

Note 1.Pulse Test:  Pulse Width = 300µs, Duty Cycle = 2%.

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