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NTE’s extensive line of wire includes over 500 types available in an assortment of colors and gauges. These types include:

  • Multi-Conductor Cable
    (Available in 2, 3, & 4 conductor shielded and unshielded)
  • Test Lead Wire
    (18AWG Black & Red types)
  • Preloaded Wire Dispensers
    (300V stranded types, 18AWG or 22AWG, 25' or 100' spools)
  • Jumper Wire Assortment Kits
    (22AWG Solid Wire - Pre-Cut, Pre-Stripped, Pre-Formed
    in 14 Lengths)
  • Automotive/Truck Wire
    (Primary Wire Meets J1128 Specs, +80°C)
  • PTFE (Teflon) Wire
    (PTFE [Teflon] Jacket/Silver Coated Copper Wire, +200°C, Meets Mil 16878/4 & Mil 22759/11 Specs)
  • Hook-Up Wire
    (300V, +90°C, UL 1007/1569 CSA)
  • Hook-Up Wire
    (600V, +105°C, UL 1015 CSA)
  • Speaker Wire
    (Made in USA)
  • High Performance Speaker Cable
    (Finely Stranded, Oxygen-Free Copper w/Clear PVC Covering)
  • Bonded Multi-Purpose Wire
  • Magnet Wire
    (Polyurethane Coated Copper w/Additional Nylon Top Coat)