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Kester Liquid Flux Pens®

Kester Flux Pens® from NTE Electronics, Inc.

Kester Flux Pens® Exclusively From NTE Electronics, Inc.
If you’re looking for Kester Solder Flux Pens®, we have the selection that’s hard to beat!

We carry traditional Kester Flux Pens® if you are looking for superior thermal stability, or the Kester 951® halogen-free, non-rosin organic pen if you need a faster more convenient flux that eliminates the need and expense of cleaning. Don’t forget about the Kester 2331-ZX Flux Pen® if you are concerned about the environment. Whatever your needs are we have the right flux pen for you!

Liquid Flux Pens
Kester Part No. Description UPC No. Net Volume Each
83-1000-0186 #186 "RMA" Flux 068167 0.33 fl oz.
83-1000-0951 #951 No-Clean Flux 068266 0.33 fl oz.
83-1002-2372 NF372-TB Zero-Halogen No-Clean 273967 0.33 fl oz.
83-1046-0952 #952-D6 Low Solids, No-Clean Flux 122166 0.33 fl oz.
83-1097-2331 #2331-ZX Neutral pH "OA" 068563 0.33 fl oz.
83-1001-8010 Select-10™ Selective Solder Flux 265962 0.33 fl oz.

Flux Core 50 = 1.1% by weight, Flux Core 58 = 2.2% by weight,
Flux Core 66 = 3.3% by weight.