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Worldwide supplier of high quality electrical / electronic components

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Original Generic Numbered Semiconductors

Note: Red device number designates discontinued devices. Data on discontinued devices is for reference only.

Diodes & Rectifiers

Part No. Part No. Part No. Part No. Part No. Part No. Part No. Part No. Part No. Part No.
1N34A 1N916 1N4150 1N4743A 1N5059 1N5248B 1N5342B 1N5370B 1N5402 GI858/MR858
1N60A 1N957B 1N4151 1N4744A 1N5060 1N5249B 1N5343B 1N5371B 1N5404 RGP15A
1N62 1N958B 1N4154 1N4745A 1N5061 1N5250B 1N5344B 1N5372B 1N5405 RGP15B
1N456A 1N959B 1N4245 1N4746A 1N5062 1N5251B 1N5345B 1N5373B 1N5406 RGP15D
1N457A 1N960B 1N4246 1N4747A 1N5223B 1N5252B 1N5346B 1N5374B 1N5407 RGP15G
1N458A 1N961B 1N4247 1N4748A 1N5225B 1N5253B 1N5347B 1N5375B 1N5408 RGP15J
1N459A 1N962B 1N4248 1N4749A 1N5226B 1N5254B 1N5348B 1N5376B 1N5624 RGP15M
1N485B 1N963B 1N4249 1N4750A 1N5227B 1N5255B 1N5349B 1N5377B 1N5625 RGP30B
1N486B 1N964B 1N4444 1N4751A 1N5228B 1N5256B 1N5350B 1N5378B 1N5626 RGP30D
1N645 1N965B 1N4446 1N4752A 1N5229B 1N5257B 1N5351B 1N5379B 1N5627 RGP30G
1N647 1N966B 1N4448 1N4753A 1N5230B 1N5258B 1N5352B 1N5380B 1N5711 RGP30J
1N746A 1N967B 1N4454 1N4754A 1N5231B 1N5259B 1N5353B 1N5381B 1N5817 RGP30M
1N747A 1N968B 1N4531 1N4755A 1N5232B 1N5260B 1N5354B 1N5382B 1N5818 UF4001(UF100)
1N748A 1N969B 1N4728A 1N4756A 1N5233B 1N5261B 1N5355B 1N5383B 1N5819 UF4002(UF101)
1N749A 1N970B 1N4729A 1N4757A 1N5234B 1N5262B 1N5356B 1N5384B 1N5820 UF4003(UF102)
1N750A 1N971B 1N4730A 1N4758A 1N5235B 1N5263B 1N5357B 1N5385B 1N5821 UF4004(UF104)
1N751A 1N972B 1N4731A 1N4759A 1N5236B 1N5266B 1N5358B 1N5386B 1N5822 UF4005(UF106)
1N752A 1N973B 1N4732A 1N4760A 1N5237B 1N5267B 1N5359B 1N5387B GI750 UF4006(UF108)
1N753A 1N3600 1N4733A 1N4761A 1N5238B 1N5270B 1N5360B 1N5388B GI751 UF4007(UF1010)
1N754A 1N4001 1N4734A 1N4762A 1N5239B 1N5271B 1N5361B 1N5391 GI752 UF5400
1N755A 1N4002 1N4735A 1N4763A 1N5240B 1N5333B 1N5362B 1N5392 GI754 UF5401
1N756A 1N4003 1N4736A 1N4764A 1N5241B 1N5334B 1N5363B 1N5393 GI756 UF5402
1N757A 1N4004 1N4737A 1N4933 1N5242B 1N5335B 1N5364B 1N5395 GI758 UF5404
1N758A 1N4005 1N4738A 1N4934 1N5243B 1N5336B 1N5365B 1N5397 GI850/MR850 UF5406
1N759A 1N4006 1N4739A 1N4935 1N5244B 1N5337B 1N5366B 1N5398 GI851/MR851 UF5407
1N914 1N4007 1N4740A 1N4936 1N5245B 1N5338B 1N5367B 1N5399 GI852/MR852 UF5408
1N914A 1N4148 1N4741A 1N4937 1N5246B 1N5339B 1N5368B 1N5400 GI854/MR854  
1N914B 1N4149 1N4742A 1N4938 1N5247B 1N5341B 1N5369B 1N5401 GI856/MR856  


Part No. Part No. Part No. Part No. Part No. Part No. Part No. Part No. Part No. Part No.
2N404 2N3772 2N5192 2N6036 2N6727 MJ10009 MMBT2222A MPSH30 TIP34B TIP115
2N404A 2N3773 2N5195 2N6039 2N6728 MJ10012 MMBT2907A MPSL51 TIP34C TIP116
2N2102 2N3792 2N5210 2N6052 2N6730 MJ10015 MMBT3904 NSDU45 TIP35A TIP117
2N2219A 2N3819 2N5232A 2N6057 2N7000 MJ10016 MMBT3906 PN2222A TIP35B TIP120
2N2222A 2N3904 2N5301 2N6059 2N7002 MJ10021 MMBT4401 PN2907A TIP35C TIP121
2N2405 2N3905 2N5303 2N6107 BC337 MJ10023 MMBT5551 PN3638A TIP35E TIP122
2N2646 2N3906 2N5320 2N6109 BC547A MJ10024 MMBTA06 PN3645 TIP36A TIP125
2N2904 2N4033 2N5366 2N6123 BC558 MJ11028 MMBTA56 PN4248 TIP36B TIP126
2N2905A 2N4123 2N5400 2N6125 BCW61C MJ11032 MPS4355 PN4249 TIP36C TIP127
2N2907A 2N4124 2N5401 2N6259 BD911 MJ11033 MPS4356 PN4393 TIP41A TIP140
2N2925 2N4125 2N5416 2N6284 BD912 MJ15003 MPS6518 TIP29A TIP41B TIP141
2N3019 2N4126 2N5428 2N6287 BDV64 MJ15004 MPSA05 TIP29B TIP41C TIP142
2N3054 2N4221A 2N5430 2N6292 BDV65 MJ15015 MPSA06 TIP29C TIP42A TIP145
2N3055 2N4398 2N5460 2N6294 BS170 MJ15016 MPSA12 TIP30A TIP42B TIP146
2N3390 2N4399 2N5485 2N6338 BU406D MJE172 MPSA13 TIP30B TIP42C TIP147
2N3392 2N4400 2N5486 2N6340 BU806 MJE180 MPSA14 TIP30C TIP47 TIP150
2N3415 2N4401 2N5496 2N6385 BUX10 MJE182 MPSA20 TIP31A TIP48 TIP151
2N3417 2N4402 2N5550 2N6387 BUX48 MJE340 MPSA28 TIP31B TIP49 TIP152
2N3439 2N4403 2N5551 2N6388 BUX48A MJE2955T MPSA42 TIP31C TIP50 TIP2955
2N3440 2N4870M 2N5683 2N6426 D40C7 MJE3055T MPSA44 TIP31E TIP100  
2N3442 2N4912 2N5684 2N6488 D40K2 MJE4343 MPSA55 TIP32A TIP101  
2N3583 2N4923 2N5685 2N6497 D44C11 MJE4353 MPSA56 TIP32B TIP102  
2N3584 2N4987 2N5686 2N6547 MJ802 MJE13005 MPSA63 TIP32C TIP105  
2N3585 2N4991 2N5771 2N6609 MJ2955 MJE13006 MPSA64 TIP32E TIP106  
2N3702 2N5038 2N5882 2N6666 MJ4502 MJE13007 MPSA92 TIP33A TIP107  
2N3704 2N5039 2N5884 2N6667 MJ10001 MJE15030 MPSA93 TIP33B TIP110  
2N3714 2N5089 2N5886 2N6668 MJ10004 MJE15031 MPSH10 TIP33C TIP111  
2N3771 2N5172 2N6028 2N6714 MJ10007 MMBT918 MPSH17 TIP34A TIP112