• Multifinger wiper for better contact resistance
  • "O" ring seal for solvent and aqueous washing
  • Graduations for easier setting
  • Rotor and body material flame retardent
  • Spectrol 75H Series

    Trimmer - 1/4" round, single turn, cermet
    Photo of 75H Series Trimmer

    Spectrol No. NTE Part No. Value
    Adjust Diag.
    75H-100 500-0300 10 Top T12
    75H-200 500-0301 20 Top T12
    75H-500 500-0302 50 Top T12
    75H-101 500-0303 100 Top T12
    75H-201 500-0304 200 Top T12
    75H-501 500-0305 500 Top T12
    75H-102 500-0306 1K Top T12
    75H-202 500-0307 2K Top T12
    75H-502 500-0308 5K Top T12
    75H-103 500-0309 10K Top T12
    75H-203 500-0310 20K Top T12
    75H-503 500-0311 50K Top T12
    75H-104 500-0312 100K Top T12
    75H-204 500-0313 200K Top T12
    75H-504 500-0314 500K Top T12
    75H-105 500-0315 1M Top T12
    75H-205 500-0316 2M Top T12

    Dimensional Drawing


    Schematic Diagram

    Effective Travel: 240° nom
    Resistance Range: 10 Ohms to 1 Meg Ohm
    Resistance Tolerance: ±10%
    End Resistance: 2 Ohms max
    Temperature Coefficient of Resistance: ±100ppm/°C
    Power Rating: 1/2W @ +85°C derated to 0W @ +150°C
    Dielectric Strength: 600V AC at sea level
    Insulation Resistance: 1000 Meg Ohms min
    Contract Resistance Variation: 3% or 3 Ohms, whichever is greater
    Maximum Wiper Current: 100mA

    Stop: Solid
    Travel: 260° nom
    Operating Torque: 200mNm max
    Resistance Element: Cermet

    Operating Temperature: -55° to +150°C
    Electrical Endurance: 1000 hr.
    Mechanical Life: 200 cycles

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