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Worldwide supplier of high quality electrical / electronic components
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Worldwide supplier of high quality electrical / electronic components

Call Us: +800-631-1250
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Electromechanical Buzzers - RB Series

NTE offers the RB Series high quality buzzer to fit most applications including Toasters, Alarms and Signaling Devices.
Coil Data   Coil Voltages: AC Only: Up to 277 Volts/60Hz
Operate Data   Operating Voltage: ±15% of Nominal
Sound Pressure Level: (Nominal Voltage), 93 dBA at 15 cm (Average), 74 dBA at 1.0 Meters (Average)
Insulation Characteristics   Dielectric Strength Between all Elements: 1000 VRMS, 60Hz
Environmental Characteristics   Operating Ambient: −45°C to +110°C
Coil Temperature Rise: (25°C Ambient − Continuous Duty), 45°C Approx. @ 60Hz − Use at 50Hz will Cause Slight Increase in Coil Rise
Mechanical Data   Terminals: Pierced solder lugs .187" x .020"
Weight   Std: 31 gram approx.
Features   Operates on 50Hz or 60Hz AC Voltage
Will Operate Continuously Without Overheating
Easy Single Screw Mounting
NTE Type No. Data Sheet Nominal Voltage Resistance Ohms ±10% Nominal Coil Power
RB-12 Adobe PDF icon 12VAC 20 3.0VA
RB-24 Adobe PDF icon 24VAC 80 3.0VA
RB-120 Adobe PDF icon 120VAC 2025 3.0VA
RB-240 Adobe PDF icon 240VAC 8000 3.0VA

Piezo Electric Buzzers - PZ Series

Piezo Electric Buzzer, Typical Applications Include Automobiles, Phones, Kitchen Appliances, Clinical Diagnostic Equipment, Smoke Alarms, Pet Training Devices, and Other Signaling Devices.
Operate Data   Operating Voltage: 3 − 24VDC
Sound Pressure Level: 95 dBA Min. at 15 cm
Resonant Frequency: 2700Hz ± 500Hz
Environmental Characteristics   Operating Ambient: −20°C to +85°C
Mechanical Data   Housing Material: ABS
Lead Wires: 26 AWG, UL1007
Weight   Std: 15 gram approx.
Features   Available in Either Intermittent (INT) or Continuous (CON) Tone
Surface Mounting, 2 Screws
26 AWG (UL1007) Black and Red Wire Leads
NTE Type No. Data Sheet Quantity Tone/Pulse Rate Rated Voltage Current Consumption
PZ−02−INT Adobe PDF icon 1 Intermittent 12VDC 12mA Max
PZ−02−INT−5 Adobe PDF icon 5 Intermittent 12VDC 12mA Max
PZ−02−CON Adobe PDF icon 1 Continuous 12VDC 12mA Max
PZ−02−CON−5 Adobe PDF icon 5 Continuous 12VDC 12mA Max