Numeric Relay Specification Sheet List

NTE Type NTE Type NTE Type NTE Type NTE Type NTE Type NTE Type
R02 Series R24 Series R45 Series R58 Series R72 Series RLY230 RS5 Series
R04 Series R25 Series R46 Series R59 Series R73 Series RLY240 RLYB2240
R06 Series R26 Series R47 Series R60 Series R74 Series RLY250 RLYB3240
R10 Series R27 Series R48 Series R61 Series RLY16 Series RLY260 Series RIM Series (Input)
R12 Series R28 Series R49 Series R62 Series RLY17 Series RLY270 Series RIM Series,
Slim Line (Input)
R14 Series R30 Series R50 Series R63 Series RLY34 Series RLY300 Series
R16 Series R32 Series R51 Series R64 Series RLY39 Series RLY400 Series RIM Series (Output)
R17 Series R34 Series R52 Series R65 Series RLY74 Series RLY600 Series RIM Series,
Slim Line (Output)
R18 Series R36 Series R53 Series R66 Series RLY75 Series RLY700 Series
R20 Series R38 Series R54 Series R67 Series RLY76 Series RS1 Series RB Series
R21 Series R40 Series R55 Series R68 Series RLY77 Series RS2 Series R95 Series
R22 Series R42 Series R56 Series R70 Series RLY210 RS3 Series RLY9000 Series
R23 Series R44 Series R57 Series R71 Series RLY220 RS4 Series  

If the data sheet that you require is not available online, please contact our technical department via e-mail at: Please include the NTE device number(s) that you need along with your fax number.

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