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Numeric Semiconductor Specification Sheet List
NTE5100 thru NTE5199
NTE No. Format NTE No. Format NTE No. Format NTE No. Format NTE No. Format NTE No. Format NTE No. Format
5100A 5122A 5139A 5156A 5177A 5185AK 5194A
5101A 5123A 5140A 5157A 5177AK 5186A 5194AK
5102A 5124A 5141A 5158A 5178A 5186AK 5195A
5103A 5125A 5142A 5159A 5178AK 5187A 5195AK
5104A 5126A 5143A 5160A 5179A 5187AK 5196A
5105A 5127A 5144A 5161A 5179AK 5188A 5196AK
5111A 5128A 5145A 5162A 5180A 5188AK 5197A
5112A 5129A 5146A 5163A 5180AK 5189A 5197AK
5113A 5130A 5147A 5164A 5181A 5189AK 5198A
5114A 5131A 5148A 5165A 5181AK 5190A 5198AK
5115A 5132A 5149A 5166A 5182A 5190AK 5199A
5116A 5133A 5150A 5174A 5182AK 5191A 5199AK
5117A 5134A 5151A 5174AK 5183A 5191AK    
5118A 5135A 5152A 5175A 5183AK 5192A    
5119A 5136A 5153A 5175AK 5184A 5192AK    
5120A 5137A 5154A 5176A 5184AK 5193A    
5121A 5138A 5155A 5176AK 5185A 5193AK    
Red device number designates discontinued devices. Data on discontinued devices is for reference only. If the data sheet that you require is not available online, please contact our literature department via e-mail at:   literature@nteinc.com. Please include the NTE device number(s) that you need along with your fax number, mailing address, or valid e-mail address.

NOTE: NTE DOES NOT supply data sheets on generic industry standard part numbers such as:
TTL Devices CMOS Devices
7400 Series
74C Series
74H Series
74HC Series
74HCT Series
74L Series
74LS Series
74S Series
74000 Series
75000 Series
4000 Series
4500 Series
40000 Series
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