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Numeric Semiconductor Specification Sheet List
NTE5200 thru NTE5299
NTE No. Format NTE No. Format NTE No. Format NTE No. Format NTE No. Format NTE No. Format NTE No. Format
5200A 5213A 5226A 5246A 5259A 5272A 5285A
5200AK 5213AK 5226AK 5246AK 5259AK 5272AK 5285AK
5201A 5214A 5227A 5247A 5260A 5273A 5286A
5201AK 5214AK 5227AK 5247AK 5260AK 5273AK 5286AK
5202A 5215A 5228A 5248A 5261A 5274A 5287A
5202AK 5215AK 5228AK 5248AK 5261AK 5274AK 5287AK
5203A 5216A 5229A 5249A 5262A 5275A 5288A
5203AK 5216AK 5229AK 5249AK 5262AK 5275AK 5288AK
5204A 5217A 5230A 5250A 5263A 5276A 5289A
5204AK 5217AK 5230AK 5250AK 5263AK 5276AK 5289AK
5205A 5218A 5231A 5251A 5264A 5277A 5290A
5205AK 5218AK 5231AK 5251AK 5264AK 5277AK 5290AK
5206A 5219A 5232A 5252A 5265A 5278A 5291A
5206AK 5219AK 5232AK 5252AK 5265AK 5278AK 5291AK
5207A 5220A 5240A 5253A 5266A 5279A 5292A
5207AK 5220AK 5240AK 5253AK 5266AK 5279AK 5292AK
5208A 5221A 5241A 5254A 5267A 5280A 5293A
5208AK 5221AK 5241AK 5254AK 5267AK 5280AK 5293AK
5209A 5222A 5242A 5255A 5268A 5281A 5294A
5209AK 5222AK 5242AK 5255AK 5268AK 5281AK 5294AK
5210A 5223A 5243A 5256A 5269A 5282A 5295A
5210AK 5223AK 5243AK 5256AK 5269AK 5282AK 5295AK
5211A 5224A 5244A 5257A 5270A 5283A 5296A
5211AK 5224AK 5244AK 5257AK 5270AK 5283AK 5296AK
5212A 5225A 5245A 5258A 5271A 5284A    
5212AK 5225AK 5245AK 5258AK 5271AK 5284AK    
Red device number designates discontinued devices. Data on discontinued devices is for reference only. If the data sheet that you require is not available online, please contact our literature department via e-mail at:   literature@nteinc.com. Please include the NTE device number(s) that you need along with your fax number, mailing address, or valid e-mail address.

NOTE: NTE DOES NOT supply data sheets on generic industry standard part numbers such as:
TTL Devices CMOS Devices
7400 Series
74C Series
74H Series
74HC Series
74HCT Series
74L Series
74LS Series
74S Series
74000 Series
75000 Series
4000 Series
4500 Series
40000 Series
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