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NEW! Techspray Renew™ High Performance Eco-Cleaning™

Green Cleaning... The Techspray Way!

Introducing Techspray Renew™ branded cleaners, innovative solutions that combine the best of current "green" technologies to make some of the most powerful cleaners on the market. Click here for more information and a product listing.

Techspray™ Electronic Chemicals from NTE Electronics

NTE is proud to announce that it has just added the Techspray™ line of electronic chemicals to its growing line-up of Master Distributed Lines. Techspray™ is one of the world's largest producers of chemical cleaners, anti-static solutions, desoldering braid, solder mask and board repair equipment.

Since July of 2006, the European RoHS regulations have forced the electronic industry to transition to lead-free soldering. Higher heat and more active fluxes cause challenges to PCB manufacturers in the areas of board production, rework and cleaning.

  • SMT ovens, wave solder equipment and hand soldering irons have to operate at higher temperatures baking on flux residues
  • PCBs must be heated for longer, stressing temporary solder mask
  • Fluxes are more active, shortening the life of hand-soldering tips and solder pots

Techspray Group Product Photo
Techspray™ offers quality products that have been tested and proven to withstand harsh, lead-free soldering conditions and enhance your productivity. Let Techspray™ be your guide for the lead-free/RoHS transition!