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Worldwide supplier of high quality electrical / electronic components

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Thermal Interface Material



NTE’s Thermo−Pads do away with the old fashioned mica wafer and conductive grease method of mounting power semiconductors. These thermally conductive insulators offer low heat transfer resistance while still providing high electrical isolation between the parts of the assembly. The elastomeric material combines the electrical isolation of rigid insulators with the ability to conform to rough surfaces and reduce contact resistance in much the same manner as thermal greases. Proper selection and use of these Thermo−Pads results in a securely−mounted power semiconductor and minimum resistance to the heat transfer between it and the heat sink.

NTE’s TP0014 is a thermally conductive, fiberglass reinforced pressure sensitive tape used as an alternative for heat−cure adhesive, screw mounting, or clip mounting. This double−sided, pressure sensitive adhesive tape is perfect for mounting the NTE30180 series star−type LEDs.

Typical Properties
Property Data Test Method
Construction Silicone Rubber
Color Gray Visual
Thickness (Expressed in Inches) 0.009 (0.23mm) ASTM D374
Hardness, Shore A 75 ±5 ASTM D2240
Tear Strength kgf/cm2 > 6.7 ASTM D1458
Elongation (%) > 140 ASTM D412
Specific Gravity g/cc 1.6 ASTM D792
Continuous Use Temperature (°C) −50° to +200°
Dielectric Breakdown Voltage (VAC), KV > 4 ASTM D149
Volume Resistance (cm) 1011 ASTM D257
Flame Rating V−O UL−94
Thermal Conductivity  
1.2 ASTM D5470
Thermal Impedance (TO220 Test @ 50PCS, °C−in2/w) 0.9 ASTM D5470

NTE also carries thermal grease in 1 gram tubes.