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Worldwide supplier of high quality electrical / electronic components
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Worldwide supplier of high quality electrical / electronic components

Call Us: +800-631-1250
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Automotive / Truck Wire

6 Gauge
NTE PART NO. Type Color
10' Package 100' Spool
WA06-00-10 WA06-00-100 Stranded Black
WA06-01-10 WA06-01-100 Stranded Brown
WA06-02-10 WA06-02-100 Stranded Red
WA06-03-10 WA06-03-100 Stranded Orange
WA06-04-10 WA06-04-100 Stranded Yellow
WA06-05-10 WA06-05-100 Stranded Green
WA06-06-10 WA06-06-100 Stranded Blue
WA06-07-10 WA06-07-100 Stranded Violet
WA06-08-10 WA06-08-100 Stranded Gray
WA06-09-10 WA06-09-100 Stranded White
8 Gauge
NTE PART NO. Type Color
10' Package 100' Spool
WA08-00-10 WA08-00-100 Stranded Black
WA08-01-10 WA08-01-100 Stranded Brown
WA08-02-10 WA08-02-100 Stranded Red
WA08-03-10 WA08-03-100 Stranded Orange
WA08-04-10 WA08-04-100 Stranded Yellow
WA08-05-10 WA08-05-100 Stranded Green
WA08-06-10 WA08-06-100 Stranded Blue
WA08-07-10 WA08-07-100 Stranded Violet
WA08-08-10 WA08-08-100 Stranded Gray
WA08-09-10 WA08-09-100 Stranded White
10 Gauge
NTE PART NO. Type Color
10' Package 100' Spool
WA10-00-10 WA10-00-100 Stranded Black
WA10-01-10 WA10-01-100 Stranded Brown
WA10-02-10 WA10-02-100 Stranded Red
WA10-03-10 WA10-03-100 Stranded Orange
WA10-04-10 WA10-04-100 Stranded Yellow
WA10-05-10 WA10-05-100 Stranded Green
WA10-06-10 WA10-06-100 Stranded Blue
WA10-07-10 WA10-07-100 Stranded Violet
WA10-08-10 WA10-08-100 Stranded Gray
WA10-09-10 WA10-09-100 Stranded White
12 Gauge
NTE PART NO. Type Color
15' Package 100' Spool
WA12-00-15 WA12-00-100 Stranded Black
WA12-01-15 WA12-01-100 Stranded Brown
WA12-02-15 WA12-02-100 Stranded Red
WA12-03-15 WA12-03-100 Stranded Orange
WA12-04-15 WA12-04-100 Stranded Yellow
WA12-05-15 WA12-05-100 Stranded Green
WA12-06-15 WA12-06-100 Stranded Blue
WA12-07-15 WA12-07-100 Stranded Violet
WA12-08-15 WA12-08-100 Stranded Gray
WA12-09-15 WA12-09-100 Stranded White
14 Gauge
NTE PART NO. Type Color
20' Package 100' Spool
WA14-00-20 WA14-00-100 Stranded Black
WA14-01-20 WA14-01-100 Stranded Brown
WA14-02-20 WA14-02-100 Stranded Red
WA14-03-20 WA14-03-100 Stranded Orange
WA14-04-20 WA14-04-100 Stranded Yellow
WA14-05-20 WA14-05-100 Stranded Green
WA14-06-20 WA14-06-100 Stranded Blue
WA14-07-20 WA14-07-100 Stranded Violet
WA14-08-20 WA14-08-100 Stranded Gray
WA14-09-20 WA14-09-100 Stranded White
16 Gauge
NTE PART NO. Type Color
30' Package 100' Spool
WA16-00-30 WA16-00-100 Stranded Black
WA16-01-30 WA16-01-100 Stranded Brown
WA16-02-30 WA16-02-100 Stranded Red
WA16-03-30 WA16-03-100 Stranded Orange
WA16-04-30 WA16-04-100 Stranded Yellow
WA16-05-30 WA16-05-100 Stranded Green
WA16-06-30 WA16-06-100 Stranded Blue
WA16-07-30 WA16-07-100 Stranded Violet
WA16-08-30 WA16-08-100 Stranded Gray
WA16-09-30 WA16-09-100 Stranded White
18 Gauge
NTE PART NO. Type Color
40' Package 100' Spool
WA18-00-40 WA18-00-100 Stranded Black
WA18-01-40 WA18-01-100 Stranded Brown
WA18-02-40 WA18-02-100 Stranded Red
WA18-03-40 WA18-03-100 Stranded Orange
WA18-04-40 WA18-04-100 Stranded Yellow
WA18-05-40 WA18-05-100 Stranded Green
WA18-06-40 WA18-06-100 Stranded Blue
WA18-07-40 WA18-07-100 Stranded Violet
WA18-08-40 WA18-08-100 Stranded Gray
WA18-09-40 WA18-09-100 Stranded White