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Pre-Loaded Wire Dispensers

Photo of NTE Pre-Loaded Wire Dispenser

NTE's pre-loaded wire dispensers are ideal for hobbyist, technicians, engineers, servicemen, and research & development labs. Featuring a unique wall mount design, they contain our popular 300V stranded hook-up wire. These dispensers will keep your hook-up wire neat, clean, and conveniently at hand.

NTE PART NO. Gauge No. of
WRK18-25 18 8 25 ft. Contains the following 300V stranded types:
  • WHxx-00-25 (Black)
  • WHxx-01-25 (Brown)
  • WHxx-02-25 (Red)
  • WHxx-03-25 (Orange)
  • WHxx-04-25 (Yellow)
  • WHxx-05-25 (Green)
  • WHxx-06-25 (Blue)
  • WHxx-09-25 (White)
NOTE: Replace "xx" with gauge
WRK22-25 22 8 25 ft.
WRK18-100 18 5 100 ft. Contains the following 300V stranded types:
  • WHxx-00-100 (Black)
  • WHxx-02-100 (Red)
  • WHxx-05-100 (Green)
  • WHxx-06-100 (Blue)
  • WHxx-09-100 (White)
NOTE: Replace "xx" with gauge
WRK22-100 22 5 100 ft.