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Multi-Conductor Cable

Photo of NTE Multi-Conductor Cable

NTE's Multi-Conductor Cable is available in 100' spools in both unshielded (2, 3, or 4 conductor) PVC or shielded (2 or 3 conductor) PE w/foil shield types. Both types feature a chrome gray PVC jacket and ease of termination handling due to extra-flexible stranding.

Typical applications include PA systems, intercom systems, and remote control circuits. Additional applications for shielded types include data transmission, broadcast, sound, audio, and actuator controls.

NTE PART NO. Gauge Conductors Shield Spool Length
WMC182FS-100 18 2 Foil Shield 100 ft.
WMC183FS-100 18 3 Foil Shield 100 ft.
WMC222FS-100 22 2 Foil Shield 100 ft.
WMC222US-100 22 2 N/A 100 ft.
WMC223US-100 22 3 N/A 100 ft.
WMC224US-100 22 4 N/A 100 ft.