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Halogen Bulbs

halogen bulbs

NTE is happy to announce a new line of bulbs. Starting off with these 7 different halogen types, they are the perfect replacement lamps for display cases, under cabinet lighting, landscape lighting, marine lighting, reading lamps and much, much more. This is the first group to be added to our new bulb line with many more to follow. These bulbs will be available in bulk or our new eye catching blister package.

Part No. Type Wattage Voltage Replaces
08-002 Halogen 20 Watt 12V Q20T3
08-003 Halogen 20 Watt 120V BPQ20/G8
08-004 Halogen 50 Watt 12V EXN/CG
08-005 Halogen 10 Watt 12V Q10MR11
08-006 Halogen 50 Watt 12V Q50T4
08-007 Halogen 10 Watt 12V BPQ10T3
08-008 Halogen 25 Watt 120V Q25/G8