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Worldwide supplier of high quality electrical / electronic components

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Integrated Circuits

Surface Mount CMOS

(NOTE: NTE DOES NOT supply data sheets on generic industry standard part numbers.)

Part No.
Package Type Description
4000T SOIC-14 Dual, 3-Input Plus Inverter NOR Gate
4001BT SOIC-14 Quad, 2-Input NOR Gate
4002BT SOIC-14 Dual, 4-Input NOR Gate
4007T SOIC-14 Dual, Complementary Pair Plus Inverter
4011BT SOIC-14 Quad, 2-Input NAND Gate
4012BT SOIC-14 Dual, 4-Input NAND Gate
4013BT SOIC-14 Dual, D-Type Flip-Flop
4015BT SOIC-14 Dual, 4-Stage Static Shift Register w/Serial Input/Parallel Output
4016BT SOIC-14 Quad, Bilateral Switch for Transmission or Multiplexing of Analog or Digital Signals
4020BT SOIC-16 14-Stage Ripple-Carry Binary Counter/Divider
4021BT SOIC-16 8-Stage Static Shift Register Asynchronous Parallel Input or Synchronous Serial Input/Serial Output
4023BT SOIC-14 Triple, 3-Input NAND Gate
4025BT SOIC-14 Triple, 3-Input NOR Gate
4027BT SOIC-16 Dual, J-K, Master-Slave Flip-Flop
4028BT SOIC-16 BCD-to-Decimal Decoder
4029BT SOIC-16 Presettable UP/DOWN Counter, Binary or BCD Decade Decoder
4040BT SOIC-16 12-Stage Ripple-Carry Binary Counter/Divider
4042BT SOIC-16 Quad, Clocked, D-Type Latch
4043BT SOIC-16 Quad, 3-State NOR R/S Latch
4044BT SOIC-16 Quad, 3-State NAND R/S Latch
4045BT SOIC-16 21-Stage Counter
4046BT SOIC-16 Phase Lock Loop (PLL)
4047BT SOIC-14 Low Power, Monostable/Astable Multivibrator
4049T SOIC-16 Hex Buffer/Converter (Inverting)
4050BT SOIC-16 Hex Buffer/Converter (Non-Inverting)
4051BT SOIC-16 Single, 8-Channel Analog Multiplexer/Demultiplexer
4052BT SOIC-16 Differential, 4-Channel Analog Multiplexer
4053BT SOIC-16 Triple, 2-Channel Analog Multiplexer
4060BT SOIC-16 14-Stage Ripple-Carry Binary Counter/Divider and OSC
4066BT SOIC-14 Quad, Bilateral Switch
4068BT SOIC-14 8-Input NAND/AND Gate (High Voltage Type)
4069T SOIC-14 Hex Inverter (High Voltage Type)
4070BT SOIC-14 Quad, Exclusive OR Gate
4071BT SOIC-14 Quad, 2-Input OR Gate
4073BT SOIC-14 Triple, 3-Input AND Gate
4075BT SOIC-14 Triple, 3-Input OR Gate
4077BT SOIC-14 Quad, Exclusive NOR Gate
4093BT SOIC-14 Quad, 2-Input NAND Schmitt Trigger
4094BT SOIC-16 8-Stage Shift & Storage Bus Register
4510BT SOIC-16 Presettable UP/DOWN BCD Counter
4511BT SOIC-16 BCD-to-Seven-Segment Latch Decoder Driver
4518BT SOIC-16 Dual, UP/DOWN BCD Counter
4520BT SOIC-16 Dual, UP/DOWN Binary Counter
4528BT SOIC-16 Dual, Retriggerable/Resettable Monostable Multivibrator
4541BT SOIC-14 Programmable Timer
40106BT SOIC-14 Hex Schmitt Trigger
40174BT SOIC-16 Hex, D-Type Flip-Flop