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Conductive Thread

Photo of NTE Conductive Thread

Stainless Steel, 2-Ply, 316L Conductive Thread is ideal for any wearable / e-textile application. Its strong and smooth construction is a little thicker than every day polyester or cotton thread, making it a little stiff with a waxed thread feel. However, it is still thin enough to be sewn by hand using medium-eye needles or with a sewing maching that can handle heavier threads.

With a fairly low resistivity, it can be used to drive LEDs and other electronic components, making it the optimal conductive thread for any wearables work.


  • Stainless Steel fibers will not oxidize like silver
  • Ideal for any wearable / e-textile project
  • Safe to wash


  • Type:  316L Stainless Steel
  • Filaments:  100
  • Strands:  2
  • Diameter:  0.16mm
  • Weight per Meter:  0.193g (±3%)
  • Elongation:  ≥2.5%
  • Breaking Strength:  ≥5kgf
  • Average Resistance:  16Ω / Ft. (±3%)

NTE PART NO. Material Strands Spool Length
WW-1 316L Type Stainless Steel 2 75 ft. (23 Meters)