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Worldwide supplier of high quality electrical / electronic components

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Motor Capacitors

Dual Round Motor Run AC Electrolytic

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Capacitors listed in Voltage order Click here for specifications sheet
Capacitance Part No. MRC SeriesDual Round Motor Run Capacitor
MRRC Dual Series

MRRC Dual Series
Voltage - 370V
15mf/5mf MRRC370V5/15
15mf/7.5mf MRRC370V7R5/15
20mf/5mf MRRC370V5/20
20mf/7.5mf MRRC370V7R5/20
20mf/10mf MRRC370V10/20
25mf/5mf MRRC370V5/25
25mf/7.5mf MRRC370V7R5/25
25mf/10mf MRRC370V10/25
30mf/3mf MRRC370V3/30
30mf/5mf MRRC370V5/30
30mf/7.5mf MRRC370V7R5/30
30mf/10mf MRRC370V10/30
35mf/5mf MRRC370V5/35
35mf/7.5mf MRRC370V7R5/35
40mf/5mf MRRC370V5/40
40mf/7.5mf MRRC370V7R5/40
40mf/10mf MRRC370V10/40
45mf/5mf MRRC370V5/45
45mf/7.5mf MRRC370V7R5/45
45mf/10mf MRRC370V10/45
50mf/5mf MRRC370V5/50
50mf/7.5mf MRRC370V7R5/50
50mf/10mf MRRC370V10/50
55mf/5mf MRRC370V5/55
55mf/7.5mf MRRC370V7R5/55
55mf/10mf MRRC370V10/55
60mf/5mf MRRC370V5/60
60mf/7.5mf MRRC370V7R5/60
Voltage - 440V
15mf/5mf MRRC440V5/15
15mf/7.5mf MRRC440V7R5/15
20mf/5mf MRRC440V5/20
20mf/7.5mf MRRC440V7R5/20
25mf/5mf MRRC440V5/25
25mf/7.5mf MRRC440V7R5/25
30mf/5mf MRRC440V5/30
30mf/7.5mf MRRC440V7R5/30
30mf/10mf MRRC440V10/30
35mf/5mf MRRC440V5/35
35mf/7.5mf MRRC440V7R5/35
40mf/5mf MRRC440V5/40
40mf/7.5mf MRRC440V7R5/40
45mf/5mf MRRC440V5/45
45mf/7.5mf MRRC440V7R5/45
50mf/5mf MRRC440V5/50
50mf/7.5mf MRRC440V7R5/50
55mf/5mf MRRC440V5/55
55mf/7.5mf MRRC440V7R5/55
60mf/5mf MRRC440V5/60
60mf/7.5mf MRRC440V7R5/60