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Worldwide supplier of high quality electrical / electronic components

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Motor Capacitors

Motor Start AC Electrolytic

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Capacitors listed in Voltage order Click here for specifications sheet
Capacitance Part No. MRC SeriesMotor Start AC Electrolytic Capacitors
MSC Series

MSC Series
Voltage - 110/125V
21-25mf MSC125V21
25-30mf MSC125V25
30-36mf MSC125V30
36-43mf MSC125V36
43-52mf MSC125V43
53-64mf MSC125V53
72-86mf MSC125V72
88-106mf MSC125V88
108-130mf MSC125V108
124-149mf MSC125V124
130-156mf MSC125V130
145-174mf MSC125V145
161-193mf MSC125V161
189-227mf MSC125V189
200-240mf MSC125V200
216-259mf MSC125V216
233-280mf MSC125V233
270-324mf MSC125V270
300-360mf MSC125V300
324-389mf MSC125V324
340-408mf MSC125V340
378-454mf MSC125V378
400-480mf MSC125V400
430-516mf MSC125V430
460-552mf MSC125V460
540-648mf MSC125V540
590-708mf MSC125V590
708-850mf MSC125V708
829-995mf MSC125V829
1000-1200mf MSC125V1000
1020-1224mf MSC125V1020
1280-1536mf MSC125V1280
1500-1800mf MSC125V1500
1800-2160mf MSC125V1800
Voltage - 165V
108-130mf MSC165V108
124-149mf MSC165V124
161-193mf MSC165V161
189-227mf MSC165V189
216-259mf MSC165V216
233-280mf MSC165V233
270-324mf MSC165V270
340-408mf MSC165V340
378-454mf MSC165V378
400-480mf MSC165V400
460-552mf MSC165V460
540-648mf MSC165V540
590-708mf MSC165V590
Voltage - 220/250V
21-25mf MSC250V21
25-30mf MSC250V25
30-36mf MSC250V30
36-43mf MSC250V36
43-52mf MSC250V43
53-64mf MSC250V53
72-86mf MSC250V72
88-106mf MSC250V88
108-130mf MSC250V108
124-149mf MSC250V124
130-156mf MSC250V130
145-174mf MSC250V145
161-193mf MSC250V161
189-227mf MSC250V189
216-259mf MSC250V216
233-280mf MSC250V233
270-324mf MSC250V270
400-480mf MSC250V400
540-648mf MSC250V540
645-774mf MSC250V645
708-850mf MSC250V708
Voltage - 330V
21-25mf MSC330V21
25-30mf MSC330V25
30-36mf MSC330V30
36-43mf MSC330V36
43-52mf MSC330V43
53-64mf MSC330V53
72-86mf MSC330V72
88-106mf MSC330V88
108-130mf MSC330V108
124-149mf MSC330V124
130-156mf MSC330V130
145-174mf MSC330V145
161-193mf MSC330V161
189-227mf MSC330V189
216-259mf MSC330V216
270-324mf MSC330V270
340-408mf MSC330V340
400-480mf MSC330V400
460-552mf MSC330V460