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Worldwide supplier of high quality electrical / electronic components

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High Temperature +105° C Aluminum Electrolytic

Jump to Voltage: 6.3V 10V 16V 25V 35V 50V 63V 100V 160V 250V 350V 450V
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Capacitance Radial Lead MRC SeriesHigh Temperature +105° C Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor
VHT Series

VHT Series
Voltage - 6.3V
220mf VHT220M6.3
330mf VHT330M6.3
470mf VHT470M6.3
680mf VHT680M6.3
820mf VHT820M6.3
1000mf VHT1000M6.3
1500mf VHT1500M6.3
2200mf VHT2200M6.3
2700mf VHT2700M6.3
3300mf VHT3300M6.3
4700mf VHT4700M6.3
5600mf VHT5600M6.3
8200mf VHT8200M6.3
10000mf VHT10000M6.3
15000mf VHT1500M6.3
Voltage - 10V
33mf VHT33M10
47mf VHT47M10
68mf VHT68M10
100mf VHT100M10
220mf VHT220M10
330mf VHT330M10
470mf VHT470M10
680mf VHT680M10
820mf VHT820M10
1000mf VHT1000M10
1500mf VHT1500M10
2200mf VHT2200M10
2700mf VHT2700M10
3300mf VHT3300M10
4700mf VHT4700M10
6800mf VHT6800M10
8200mf VHT8200M10
10000mf VHT10000M10
15000mf VHT1500M10
Voltage - 16V
10mf VHT10M16
22mf VHT22M16
33mf VHT33M16
47mf VHT47M16
100mf VHT100M16
220mf VHT220M16
330mf VHT330M16
470mf VHT470M16
680mf VHT680M16
820mf VHT820M16
1000mf VHT1000M16
1500mf VHT1500M16
2200mf VHT2200M16
2700mf VHT2700M16
3300mf VHT3300M16
4700mf VHT4700M16
6800mf VHT6800M16
10000mf VHT10000M16
Voltage - 25V
4.7mf VHT4.7M25
10mf VHT10M25
22mf VHT22M25
33mf VHT33M25
47mf VHT47M25
68mf VHT68M25
100mf VHT100M25
220mf VHT220M25
330mf VHT330M25
470mf VHT470M25
560mf VHT560M25
680mf VHT680M25
820mf VHT820M25
1000mf VHT1000M25
1500mf VHT1500M25
2200mf VHT2200M25
2700mf VHT2700M25
3300mf VHT3300M25
4700mf VHT4700M25
5600mf VHT5600M25
6800mf VHT6800M25
8200mf VHT8200M25
10000mf VHT10000M25
15000mf VHT15000M25
Voltage - 35V
4.7mf VHT4.7M35
10mf VHT10M35
22mf VHT22M35
33mf VHT33M35
47mf VHT47M35
100mf VHT100M35
220mf VHT220M35
330mf VHT330M35
470mf VHT470M35
1000mf VHT1000M35
2200mf VHT2200M35
3300mf VHT3300M35
4700mf VHT4700M35
6800mf VHT6800M35
Voltage - 50V
.1mf VHT.1M50
.22mf VHT.22M50
.33mf VHT.33M50
.47mf VHT.47M50
1.0mf VHT1M50
2.2mf VHT2.2M50
3.3mf VHT3.3M50
4.7mf VHT4.7M50
6.8mf VHT6.8M50
10mf VHT10M50
22mf VHT22M50
33mf VHT33M50
47mf VHT47M50
68mf VHT68M50
100mf VHT100M50
220mf VHT220M50
330mf VHT330M50
470mf VHT470M50
560mf VHT560M50
680mf VHT680M50
820mf VHT820M50
1000mf VHT1000M50
1500mf VHT1500M50
2200mf VHT2200M50
2700mf VHT2700M50
3300mf VHT3300M50
4700mf VHT4700M50
5600mf VHT5600M50
6800mf VHT6800M50
10000mf VHT10000M50
Voltage - 63V
.1mf VHT.1M63
.22mf VHT.22M63
.33mf VHT.33M63
.47mf VHT.47M63
1.0mf VHT1M63
2.2mf VHT2.2M63
3.3mf VHT3.3M63
4.7mf VHT4.7M63
6.8mf VHT6.8M63
10mf VHT10M63
22mf VHT22M63
33mf VHT33M63
47mf VHT47M63
68mf VHT68M63
100mf VHT100M63
220mf VHT220M63
330mf VHT330M63
470mf VHT470M63
560mf VHT560M63
680mf VHT680M63
820mf VHT820M63
1000mf VHT1000M63
1500mf VHT1500M63
2200mf VHT2200M63
2700mf VHT2700M63
3300mf VHT3300M63
4700mf VHT4700M63
Voltage - 100V
.1mf VHT.1M100
.22mf VHT.22M100
.33mf VHT.33M100
.47mf VHT.47M100
1.0mf VHT1M100
2.2mf VHT2.2M100
3.3mf VHT3.3M100
4.7mf VHT4.7M100
6.8mf VHT6.8M100
10mf VHT10M100
22mf VHT22M100
33mf VHT33M100
47mf VHT47M100
68mf VHT68M100
100mf VHT100M100
220mf VHT220M100
330mf VHT330M100
470mf VHT470M100
560mf VHT560M100
680mf VHT680M100
820mf VHT820M100
1000mf VHT1000M100
1500mf VHT1500M100
2200mf VHT2200M100
Voltage - 160V
1.0mf VHT1M160
2.2mf VHT2.2M160
3.3mf VHT3.3M160
4.7mf VHT4.7M160
6.8mf VHT6.8M160
10mf VHT10M160
22mf VHT22M160
33mf VHT33M160
47mf VHT47M160
68mf VHT68M160
100mf VHT100M160
220mf VHT220M160
330mf VHT330M160
470mf VHT470M160
Voltage - 250V
.47mf VHT.47M250
1.0mf VHT1M250
2.2mf VHT2.2M250
3.3mf VHT3.3M250
4.7mf VHT4.7M250
6.8mf VHT6.8M250
10mf VHT10M250
22mf VHT22M250
33mf VHT33M250
47mf VHT47M250
68mf VHT68M250
100mf VHT100M250
220mf VHT220M250
Voltage -350V
1.0mf VHT1M350
2.2mf VHT2.2M350
3.3mf VHT3.3M350
4.7mf VHT4.7M350
6.8mf VHT6.8M350
10mf VHT10M350
22mf VHT22M350
33mf VHT33M350
47mf VHT47M350
68mf VHT68M350
100mf VHT100M350
Voltage - 450V
.47mf VHT.47M450
1.0mf VHT1M450
2.2mf VHT2.2M450
3.3mf VHT3.3M450
4.7mf VHT4.7M450
6.8mf VHT6.8M450
10mf VHT10M450
22mf VHT22M450
33mf VHT33M450
47mf VHT47M450
68mf VHT68M450
100mf VHT100M450