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Worldwide supplier of high quality electrical / electronic components

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Snap-In Mount Aluminum Electrolytic

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Capacitance Radial Lead MRC SeriesSnap-In Mount Aluminum Electrolytic
SI Series

SI Series
Voltage - 16V
3300mf SI3300M16
Voltage - 50V
1000mf SI1000M50
2200mf SI2200M50
2700mf SI2700M50
3300mf SI3300M50
3900mf SI3900M50
4700mf SI4700M50
5600mf SI5600M50
6800mf SI6800M50
10000mf SI10000M50
12000mf SI12000M50
15000mf SI15000M50
Voltage - 63V
1000mf SI1000M63
1500mf SI1500M63
2700mf SI2700M63
3300mf SI3300M63
3900mf SI3900M63
4700mf SI4700M63
5600mf SI5600M63
6800mf SI6800M63
8200mf SI8200M63
10000mf SI10000M63
Voltage - 80V
1000mf SI1000M80
1500mf SI1500M80
2700mf SI2700M80
3300mf SI3300M80
3900mf SI3900M80
4700mf SI4700M80
5600mf SI5600M80
6800mf SI6800M80
8200mf SI8200M80
10000mf SI10000M80
Voltage - 100V
1000mf SI1000M100
1500mf SI1500M100
2200mf SI2200M100
3300mf SI3300M100
3900mf SI3900M100
4700mf SI4700M100
5600mf SI5600M100
Voltage - 160V
330mf SI330M160
560mf SI560M160
680mf SI680M160
1000mf SI1000M160
Voltage - 200V
100mf SI100M200
220mf SI220M200
270mf SI270M200
330mf SI330M200
390mf SI390M200
470mf SI470M200
560mf SI560M200
680mf SI680M200
820mf SI820M200
1000mf SI1000M200
1500mf SI1500M200
Voltage - 250V
150mf SI150M250
220mf SI220M250
330mf SI330M250
470mf SI470M250
560mf SI560M250
680mf SI680M250
820mf SI820M250
1000mf SI1000M250
Voltage - 450V
47mf SI47M450
56mf SI56M450
68mf SI68M450
82mf SI82M450
120mf SI120M450
150mf SI150M450
220mf SI220M450
270mf SI270M450
330mf SI330M450
390mf SI390M450
470mf SI470M450
560mf SI560M450
680mf SI680M450