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Worldwide supplier of high quality electrical / electronic components

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Surface Mount Multilayer Ceramic 50V (SMC Series)

Capacitors listed in Voltage order Click here for specifications sheet
Part No. Part No. MRC SeriesSurface Mount Multilayer Ceramic 50V (SMC Series) Capacitor
SMC Series

SMC Series
Capacitance Case 0805 Case 1206
Voltage - 50V (NPO)
1pf SMC0805C1D0 SMC1206C1D0
1.2pf SMC0805C1D2 SMC1206C1D2
1.5pf SMC0805C1D5 SMC1206C1D5
1.8pf SMC0805C1D8 SMC1206C1D8
2.2pf SMC0805C2D2 SMC1206C2D2
2.7pf SMC0805C2D7 SMC1206C2D7
3.3pf SMC0805C3D3 SMC1206C3D3
3.9pf SMC0805C3D9 SMC1206C3D9
4.7pf SMC0805C4D7 SMC1206C4D7
5.6pf SMC0805C5D6 SMC1206C5D6
6.8pf SMC0805C6D8 SMC1206C6D8
8.2pf SMC0805C8D2 SMC1206C8D2
10pf SMC0805J100 SMC1206J100
12pf SMC0805J150 SMC1206J120
15pf SMC0805J150 SMC1206J150
18pf SMC0805J180 SMC1206J180
20pf   SMC1206J200
22pf SMC0805J220 SMC1206J220
27pf SMC0805J270 SMC1206J270
33pf SMC0805J330 SMC1206J330
39pf SMC0805J390 SMC1206J390
47pf SMC0805J470 SMC1206J470
56pf SMC0805J560 SMC1206J560
68pf SMC0805J680 SMC1206J680
82pf SMC0805J820 SMC1206J820
100pf SMC0805J101 SMC1206J101
120pf SMC0805J121 SMC1206J121
150pf SMC0805J151 SMC1206J151
180pf SMC0805J181 SMC1206J181
220pf SMC0805J221 SMC1206J221
270pf SMC1206J271 SMC0805J271
330pf SMC0805J331 SMC1206J331
390pf SMC0805J391 SMC1206J391
470pf SMC0805J471 SMC1206J471
560pf SMC0805J561 SMC1206J561
680pf SMC0805J681 SMC1206J681
820pf SMC0805J821 SMC1206J821
1000pf SMC0805J102 SMC1206J102
1200pf   SMC1206J122
1500pf   SMC1206J152
1800pf   SMC1206J182
2200pf   SMC1206J222
Voltage - 50V (X7R)
1000pf SMC0805K102 SMC1206K102
1200pf SMC0805K122 SMC1206K122
1500pf SMC0805K152 SMC1206K152
1800pf SMC0805K182 SMC1206K182
2200pf SMC0805K222 SMC1206K222
2700pf SMC0805K272 SMC1206K272
3300pf SMC0805K332 SMC1206K332
3900pf SMC0805K392 SMC1206K392
4700pf SMC0805K472 SMC1206K472
5600pf SMC0805K562 SMC1206K562
6800pf SMC0805K682 SMC1206K682
8200pf SMC0805K822 SMC1206K822
.01uf SMC0805K103 SMC1206K103
.012uf SMC0805K123 SMC1206K123
.015uf SMC0805K153 SMC1206K153
.018uf SMC0805K183 SMC1206K183
.022uf SMC0805K223 SMC1206K223
.027uf SMC0805K273 SMC1206K273
.033uf SMC0805K333 SMC1206K333
.039uf SMC0805K393 SMC1206K393
.047uf SMC0805K473 SMC1206K473
.056uf SMC0805K563 SMC1206K563
.068uf SMC0805K683 SMC1206K683
.082uf SMC0805K823 SMC1206K823
.1uf SMC0805K104 SMC1206K104
Voltage - 50V (Z5U)
.1uf SMC0805Z104 SMC1206Z104
.22uf SMC0805Z224 SMC1206Z224
Voltage - 50V (Y5V)
.33uf SMC0805Z334 SMC1206Z334
.47uf SMC0805Z474 SMC1206Z474
1uf SMC0805Z105 SMC1206Z105
2.2uf   SMC1206Z225