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Worldwide supplier of high quality electrical / electronic components

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Subminiature Aluminum Electrolytic 160V to 450V

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Capacitors listed in Voltage order Click here for specifications sheet
Capacitance Radial Lead Axial Lead MRC SeriesNEVH Series Capacitor
NEVH Series

NEVH Series
MRC SeriesNEHH Series Capacitor
NEHH Series

NEHH Series
Voltage - 160V
1.0mf NEVH1.0M160AA NEHH1.0M160AA
2.2mf NEVH2.2M160AB NEHH2.2M160BA
3.3mf NEVH3.3M160AB NEHH3.3M160BA
4.7mf NEVH4.7M160BB NEHH4.7M160BB
10mf NEVH10M160BC NEHH10M160CC
22mf NEVH22M160CD NEHH22M160DD
33mf NEVH33M160DD NEHH33M160DD
47mf NEVH47M160DE NEHH47M160ED
100mf NEVH100M160EF NEHH100M160FE
220mf NEVH220M160II NEHH220M160HB
330mf NEVH330M160HA NEHH330M160JB
470mf NEVH470M160HB NEHH470M160HJ
Voltage - 250V
1.0mf NEVH1.0M250AB  
2.2mf NEVH2.2M250AB NEHH2.2M250BB
3.3mf NEVH3.3M250BB NEHH3.3M250CB
4.7mf NEVH4.7M250BC NEHH4.7M250CB
10mf NEVH10M250CC NEHH10M250CD
22mf NEVH22M250DD NEHH22M250ED
33mf NEVH33M250DE NEHH33M250EE
47mf NEVH47M250EF NEHH47M250FE
100mf NEVH100M250II NEHH100M250GF
Voltage - 350V
1.0mf NEVH1.0M350AB NEHH1.0M350BA
2.2mf NEVH2.2M350BB NEHH2.2M350CB
3.3mf NEVH3.3M350BC NEHH3.3M350CB
4.7mf NEVH4.7M350CC NEHH4.7M350CC
10mf NEVH10M350CD NEHH10M350DD
22mf NEVH22M350DE NEHH22M350EE
33mf NEVH33M350EF NEHH33M350FE
47mf NEVH47M350EF NEHH47M350EG
100mf NEVH100M350HA NEHH100M350HB
Voltage - 450V
1.0mf NEVH1.0M450BB  
2.2mf NEVH2.2M450BC NEHH2.2M450CC
3.3mf NEVH3.3M450CC NEHH3.3M450CD
4.7mf NEVH4.7M450CD NEHH4.7M450DD
10mf NEVH10M450DE NEHH10M450ED
22mf NEVH22M450EG NEHH22M450FE
33mf NEVH33M450EF NEHH33M450FG
47mf NEVH47M450HA NEHH47M450HB
100mf NEVH100M450JA NEHH100M450JB