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Mylar / Polyester Film (MLR Series)

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Capacitors listed in Voltage order    pdf icon download Data Sheet
Capacitance Part No. MRC SeriesMylar / Polyester Film (MLR Series) Capacitors
MLR Series

MLR Series
Voltage - 50V
.0033mf MLR332K50
.0010mf MLR102K50
.010mf MLR103K50
.012mf MLR123K50
.018mf MLR183K50
.027mf MLR273K50
.033mf MLR333K50
.039mf MLR393K50
.047mf MLR473K50
.10mf MLR104K50
.15mf MLR154K50
.27mf MLR274K50
.33mf MLR334K50
1.0mf MLR332K50
Voltage - 100V
.0010mf MLR102K100
.0012mf MLR122K100
.0015mf MLR152K100
.0018mf MLR182K100
.0020mf MLR202K100
.0022mf MLR222K100
.0027mf MLR272K100
.0033mf MLR332K100
.0039mf MLR392K100
.0047mf MLR472K100
.0056mf MLR562K100
.0068mf MLR682K100
.0082mf MLR822K100
.010mf MLR103K100
.012mf MLR123K100
.015mf MLR153K100
.018mf MLR183K100
.022mf MLR223K100
.027mf MLR273K100
.033mf MLR333K100
.039mf MLR393K100
.047mf MLR473K100
.056mf MLR563K100
.068mf MLR683K100
.082mf MLR823K100
.10mf MLR104K100
.12mf MLR124K100
.15mf MLR154K100
.18mf MLR184K100
.22mf MLR224K100
.27mf MLR274K100
.33mf MLR334K100
.39mf MLR394K100
.47mf MLR474K100
.56mf MLR564K100
.68mf MLR684K100
.82mf MLR824K100
1.0mf MLR105K100
2.2mf MLR225K100
Voltage - 250V
.010mf MLR103K250
.015mf MLR153K250
.022mf MLR223K250
.027mf MLR273K250
.033mf MLR333K250
.047mf MLR473K250
.068mf MLR683K250
.082mf MLR823K250
.10mf MLR104K250
.12mf MLR124K250
.15mf MLR154K250
.18mf MLR184K250
.22mf MLR224K250
.27mf MLR274K250
.33mf MLR334K250
.39mf MLR394K250
.47mf MLR474K250
.56mf MLR564K250
.68mf MLR684K250
.82mf MLR824K250
1.0mf MLR105K250
1.2mf MLR125K250
1.5mf MLR155K250
1.8mf MLR185K250
2.2mf MLR225K250
3.3mf MLR335K250
4.7mf MLR475K250
5.6mf MLR565K250
Voltage - 400V
.0047mf MLR472K400
.010mf MLR103K400
.015mf MLR153K400
.022mf MLR223K400
.033mf MLR333K400
.047mf MLR473K400
.056mf MLR563K400
.068mf MLR683K400
.082mf MLR823K400
.10mf MLR104K400
.12mf MLR124K400
.15mf MLR154K400
.18mf MLR184K400
.22mf MLR224K400
.27mf MLR274K400
.33mf MLR334K400
.39mf MLR394K400
.47mf MLR474K400
.68mf MLR684K400
.82mf MLR824K400
1.0mf MLR105K400
1.5mf MLR155K400
2.0mf MLR205K400
3.0mf MLR305K400
4.0mf MLR405K400
Voltage - 630V
.0010mf MLR102K630
.0012mf MLR122K630
.0015mf MLR152K630
.0018mf MLR182K630
.0022mf MLR222K630
.0025mf MLR252K630
.0027mf MLR272K630
.0030mf MLR302K630
.0033mf MLR332K630
.0039mf MLR392K630
.0047mf MLR472K630
.0050mf MLR502K630
.0056mf MLR562K630
.0068mf MLR682K630
.0080mf MLR802K630
.010mf MLR103K630
.012mf MLR123K630
.015mf MLR153K630
.018mf MLR183K630
.022mf MLR223K630
.027mf MLR273K630
.033mf MLR333K630
.039mf MLR393K630
.047mf MLR473K630
.050mf MLR503K630
.056mf MLR563K630
.068mf MLR683K630
.082mf MLR823K630
.10mf MLR104K630
.12mf MLR124K630
.15mf MLR154K630
.18mf MLR184K630
.22mf MLR224K630
.25mf MLR224K630
.27mf MLR274K630
.33mf MLR334K630
.39mf MLR394K630
.47mf MLR474K630
.50mf MLR564K630
.56mf MLR564K630
.68mf MLR684K630
1.0mf MLR105K630
1.5mf MLR155K630
1.8mf MLR185K630
2.0mf MLR205K630
3.0mf MLR305K630