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Multilayer (Monolythic) Ceramic, CML Series

50V 100V
Capacitors listed in Voltage order Click here for specifications sheet
Capacitance Part No.
Voltage - 50V (Z5U Series) CML SeriesMultilayer (Monolythic) Ceramic, CML Series Capacitor
CML Series
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CML Series
.01μf CML103M50
.015μf CML153M50
.022μf CML223M50
.033μf CML333M50
.047μf CML473M50
.068μf CML683M50
.1μf CML104M50
.15μf CML154M50
.22μf CML224M50
.33μf CML334M50
.47μf CML474M50
.68μf CML684M50
1μf CML105M50
1.5μf CML155M50
2.2μf CML225M50
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.0010μf CML102K100
.0015μf CML152K100
.0022μf CML222K100
.0033μf CML332K100
.0047μf CML472K100
.0068μf CML682K100
.01μf CML103K100
.015μf CML153K100
.022μf CML223K100
.033μf CML333K100
.047μf CML473K100
.068μf CML683K100
.1μf CML104K100
.15μf CML154K100
.22μf CML224K100
.33μf CML334K100
.47μf CML474K100
.68μf CML684K100
1μf CML105K100
Back to TopVoltage - 100V (NPO Series)
10pf CML100J100
15pf CML150J100
22pf CML220J100
33pf CML330J100
47pf CML470J100
68pf CML680J100
100pf CML101J100
150pf CML151J100
220pf CML221J100
330pf CML331J100
470pf CML471J100
680pf CML681J100
1000pf CML102J100
1500pf CML152J100
2200pf CML222J100
3300pf CML332J100
4700pf CML472J100